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When sharing pictures or publishing them online, it can sometimes be useful to be able to 'sign' them indelibly. A watermark is essentially a way to sign content without interfering with the user experience. PhotoAlpha allows you to do that, by adding a watermark to your pictures that cannot be deleted without altering the picture in itself.

The program is really basic and the interface is not as intuitive as such a simple program should be. Nevertheless, the software allows you to quickly add some text to your pictures and choose the opacity by selecting the 'static text' menu. It's interesting that in the 'watermark menu' you can also choose to use a picture or an icon as a watermark so that you can have a specific logo that identifies your photo collections

PhotoAlpha is simple, easy-to-use application which can add text and logo watermarks to your photos but it doesn't stand out for its features and usability.

PhotoAlpha is an application that allows you to process your photos in batches. Whether its applying a copyright notice or shrinking all your photos to make them easier to share, PhotoAlpha can make the task easier. A free version of PhotoAlpha is offered so you can try before you buy. The free version has all the features of the retail version and never expires. The only limitation is a batch can only contain a maximum of five images.


  • Batch Watermark with Alpha Blending
  • Batch Resize
  • Batch Rotate
  • Batch Rename
  • Batch Resolution
  • Batch Convert
  • WYSIWYG Preview

Photo Alpha


Photo Alpha 1.0

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